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The energy sector is developing rapidly. The process of European market integration began some years ago. Its purpose is to create a single European market that enables market parties to trade gas and electricity across national borders easily and efficiently.

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We provide transparency data on our operations on our Dutch and German transparency page and on ENTSO-E. 

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Our vision is to be one of the most transparent Transmission System Operators (TSO) in Europe and thereby creating value for society. In this Energy Insights section we present selected energy related topics and show data, information and valuable insights. 



Facts & figures related to TenneT facilitating the market can be found here.

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Van Oord wins TenneT Contractor Safety Award 2016

Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors has won TenneT’s Contractor Safety Award 2016. This will be TenneT’s first ever safety award given in recognition of the best safety performance by a contractor. Van Oord was selected from a total of 30 entries because of the verifiable measures taken with its “Say YES to Safety” programme to encourage safe work practices.

Safety is TenneT’s number one priority, and its Safety Vision defines objectives that are in line with requirements applied in the oil and gas industry. TenneT’s suppliers play a key role in all of this because TenneT considers any supplier to be a key “partner in safety”. Ben Voorhorst (COO): ‘Through this award, we want to express our appreciation to contractors who verifiably contribute to our safety performance. At the same time, we are keen to learn from and be inspired by each other with a view to doing even better.’

The work Van Oord performs for TenneT concerns site preparation for construction in Borssele for connecting offshore wind farms to the onshore grid. According to TenneT, this contractor has taken verifiable measures to promote safe work practices through their “Say YES to Safety” programme. In addition, Van Oord has designed its processes in such a way that they contribute to TenneT’s safety performance and culture. The judges commended this contractor for its integrated safety approach and the manner in which it reflects on TenneT.

‘We consider it a tremendous honour to receive this award. Our worldwide safety programme shows how we at Van Oord feel about safety. Everyone – from subcontractors and suppliers to local residents and other stakeholders – are expected to take their responsibility when it comes to safety. In short: Say YES to Safety!
Carlos Mollet, Area Manager, Van Oord Netherlands

This is TenneT’s first ever safety award given in recognition of the best safety performance by a contractor. All of TenneT’s suppliers were invited to submit a “pitch” to enter the competition for TenneT’s Contractor Safety Award 2016. A total of 30 contractors, both Dutch and German, entered the competition. The award was presented to Carlos Mollet, Area Manager at Van Oord Netherlands, by TenneT COO Ben Voorhorst.

The runner-up was Omexom Hochspannung GmbH, which has a long-standing relationship with TenneT in the fields of project planning, design, maintenance and construction of high-voltage connections ranging from 110kV to 400kV. In response to an incident, Omexom developed an alternative scaffolding system made from concrete. The second runner-up was Bohlen & Doyen, a supplier contracted by TenneT for laying subsea cables. Bohlen & Doyen developed a new method that significantly reduces the number of diving hours required, lessening the risk of a potential accident. 

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