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The energy sector is developing rapidly. The process of European market integration began some years ago. Its purpose is to create a single European market that enables market parties to trade gas and electricity across national borders easily and efficiently.

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We provide transparency data on our operations on our Dutch and German transparency page and on ENTSO-E. 

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Our vision is to be one of the most transparent Transmission System Operators (TSO) in Europe and thereby creating value for society. In this Energy Insights section we present selected energy related topics and show data, information and valuable insights. 



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TenneT wins international communications award with Virtual Vision centre

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The Dutch-German high-voltage grid operator TenneT has won the international CHARGE Awards for grid companies in the ‘Transmission Brand’ category. TenneT received the award at the CHARGE Energy Branding Conference in Reykjavik, Iceland, for its Virtual Vision project. This high-tech communications centre was opened in May of this year in the heart of Berlin, and sets new standards in corporate and stakeholder communication. 

Hands-on experience

TenneT’s Virtual Vision centre in the German capital offers a hands-on 360-degree experience of the activities of a grid operator. The centre helps visitors understand the positions of players in the energy transition and the challenges they face, and does so in an interactive way using state-of-the-art Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies. Attractions include a ‘live’ experience of the ‘collection’ of offshore wind energy at TenneT’s Helwin Alpha converter platform (including a realistic helicopter flight and landing on the platform), the opportunity to plan and construct high-voltage lines using a multi-touch system, and multimedia information displays depicting the major challenges faced by a European grid operator.

TenneT’s Virtual Vision centre was realized by the Stuttgart-based creative agency Die Wegmeister.

Photo: Koenraad van Hasselt (l), senior manager communication TenneT, receives the award from Dr Fridrik Larsen (r) initiator Energy Branding event.

Impact of the energy transition

With Virtual Vision, TenneT is setting new standards in corporate and stakeholder communication. Koenraad van Hasselt, TenneT Senior Corporate Communications Manager: “The energy landscape is changing drastically as a result of the energy transition. This has a major impact on TenneT’s activities, and therefore also on society at large. These developments require new ways of communicating with all our stakeholders. We need to make a shift from one-way communication – where we only provide information – to engaging in true dialogue. The Virtual Vision centre allows visitors to literally take control and to experience – in a virtual but realistic environment – what a leading European energy company actually does, the challenges we face, and what the future of the electricity supply system could look like. TenneT Virtual Vision Berlin is a highly innovative pilot project that brings our approach to communications to life in a high-end three-dimensional mixed-reality experience.”

More information about the winners of the CHARGE Energy Branding Awards may be found here.

Photo: Koenraad van Hasselt and Florian Polley (projectmanager Virtual Vision)

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