Looking back at 20 years of achievement in the European electricity market

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TenneT is formed when the Dutch government formally appointed us to operate the country’s national high-voltage transmission grid.


TenneT takes over the regional network operator B.V. Transportnet Zuid-Holland (TZH).


TenneT starts to bring Europe’s electricity markets together, as cross-border electricity trading and pricing begins for France, Belgium and the Netherlands.


TenneT takes over management of the 110 kV and 150 kV grids from the Dutch regional grid operators.

‘NorNed’ commissioned as world’s longest HVDC subsea cable (700MW), linking Norwegian and Dutch markets.


Opening of the first AC grid connection for the offshore wind farm Alpha Ventus


TenneT acquires the German high-voltage grid from E.ON, making TenneT Europe’s first cross-border TSO.

Electricity market integration extends to central-western Europe, including Germany and Austria. BorWin1, the first DC offshore platform (400MW) goes into operation


BritNed, a 1,000MW subsea electricity link between Great Britain and the Netherlands is commissioned. BritNed is a joint venture between TenneT and National Grid UK.


The Randstad 380kV Zuidring goes into operation, supplying electricity to the densest urban area in the Netherlands. The project sees unprecedented lengths of high-voltage cables laid underground


Electricity market integration extends to northwest Europe, including Great Britain, the Nordics and the Baltics, and southwest Europe, coupling the Iberian peninsula.

TenneT opens an office in Berlin.


TenneT is legally incorporated as an offshore electricity grid operator in the Netherlands. We conclude our first contract for subsea cables linking the offshore grid.

We also introduce our vision for a North Sea Wind Power Hub, with the potential to serve wind power to tens of million Europeans by 2050. DolWin2, the most powerful grid connection for offshore wind farms, goes into operation (900MW).


With 10 out of 13 planned grid connections in operation, TenneT provides more than 5,300MW transmission capacity in the German North Sea.

We also opened an office in Brussels

The interactive, transmedial communication experience TenneT Virtual Vision was officially opened.


The 57-km 380 kV connection linking Doetinchem in the Netherlands with Wesel in Germany was commissioned, allowing further development of the north-west European electricity market.

Effective 1 September 2018, Manon van Beek has been named the new Chair of the Executive Board and CEO of TenneT Holding B.V.