Our key tasks

We are primarily tasked with providing power transmission services, system services and facilitating the energy market. Our core tasks follow from our appointment as grid operator under the Dutch 'Elektriciteitswet' (E-wet) and the German 'Energiewirtschaftsgesetz' (EnWG).

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TenneT presents Hub and Spoke concept for large scale wind energy on the North Sea.

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Our grid

TenneT manages the high-voltage grid in the Netherlands and large parts of Germany. TenneT transmits electricity at 110,000 volts (110 kV) and higher. With around 24,500 kilometres of high-voltage lines, we cross borders and connect countries.

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Offshore Outlook 2050

Already by 2030, the originally planned capacity of 15 gigawatts of offshore wind energy will increase to 20 GW.

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Electricity market

The energy sector is developing rapidly. The process of European market integration began some years ago. Its purpose is to create a single European market that enables market parties to trade gas and electricity across national borders easily and efficiently.

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Transparency data

We provide transparency data on our operations on our Dutch and German transparency page and on ENTSO-E. 

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Our vision is to be one of the most transparent Transmission System Operators (TSO) in Europe and thereby creating value for society. In this Energy Insights section we present selected energy related topics and show data, information and valuable insights. 



Facts & figures related to TenneT facilitating the market can be found here.

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TenneT is a leading European electricity transmission system operator (TSO), with activities in the Netherlands and in Germany. We strive to ensure a reliable and uninterrupted supply of electricity in our high-voltage grid for some 42 million people.

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We are TenneT

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About TenneT

TenneT is a leading European electricity transmission system operator (TSO) with its main activities in the Netherlands and Germany. With over 23,900 kilometres of high-voltage connections we ensure a secure supply of electricity to 42 million end-users.

Leading European TSO for sustainable growth

We employ almost 5,000 people and have a turnover of EUR 4.1 billion. TenneT is one of Europe’s major investors in national and cross-border grid connections on land and at sea, bringing together the Northwest European energy markets and driving the energy transition. The energy transition is one of the most impactful challenges facing society and energy supply. After a period of strong growth and as a key player in the energy market, TenneT is also restructuring to be prepared for its pivotal role in the energy transition. This means TenneT is transforming for sustainable growth based on four strategic pillars:

  1. Energise our people and organisation, with an inclusive and safe environment where people enjoy coming to work. We are building a leadership model that empowers, inspires and creates growth opportunities, so everyone can perform at their best and work as one.

  2. Drive the energy transition as a green grid operator and thought leader, developing innovative instruments and establishing a key role in the energy data world.

  3. Secure supply today and tomorrow, by maintaining the grid to meet reliability targets and operating it to its maximum capability. We will design solutions for balancing the grid in the future, while meeting societal objectives and realising our grid projects as promised.

  4. Safeguard our financial health, by implementing a regulatory framework to support our strategy and by delivering a return in line with what our capital providers expect, as well as by raising the necessary external financing.

We take every effort to meet the needs of society by being responsible, engaged and connected. Driving the energy transition.

Business model

Virtually all of TenneT's activities are regulated. These activities are governed by relevant legislative and regulatory provisions in the Netherlands and Germany. Regulatory authorities, Autoriteit Consument & Markt (ACM) and Bundesnetzagentur (BNetzA) oversee TenneT's compliance with these provisions. TenneT's regulated activities are managed on country level by two operating segments TSO Netherlands and TSO Germany. 
We are primarily tasked with providing power transmission services, system services and facilitating the energy market. Our core tasks follow from our appointment as grid operator under the Dutch 'Elektriciteitswet' (E-wet) and the German 'Energiewirtschaftsgesetz' (EnWG). These key tasks are:

  • To ensure a secure and continuous supply of electricity as the key objective of our operations.
  • To provide transmission services by transporting electricity along the high-voltage grid from where it is produced to where it is consumed.
  • To provide system services to guarantee the flow of electricity in the Netherlands and large parts of Germany.
  • To facilitate a smooth-running, liquid and stable electricity market and to support the large-scale transition to renewables.

Non-regulated activities

TenneT is involved in certain limited non-regulated activities, which help to ensure the energy market operates smoothly and efficiently, or are ancillary to it. As such, TenneT holds a 50% interest in BritNed, a merchant cable operator that manages the electricity interconnector between the Netherlands and Great Britain. TenneT also owns 100% of NOVEC and has a 100% stake in Relined; these companies manage infrastructure to send and receive broadcasting and telecom signals. Furthermore, TenneT (indirectly) holds a 17% share in EPEX Spot SE (EPEX), the NWE (including Great Britain) electricity exchange. 


TenneT Corporate Review 2018 - 2019 (5 MB, pdf, 22/07/19)

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Purpose, Promise en Principles

Onze Principes zijn de regels die we bij TenneT naleven en die van invloed zijn op onze communicatie en ons gedrag, de beslissingen die we nemen en de wijze waarop we met anderen samenwerken, zowel binnen als buiten TenneT. Onze Principes zullen ons helpen ons Doel te realiseren en onze Belofte na te komen. Wij willen dat mensen deze principes in ons herkennen naarmate we ons gaandeweg steeds meer tot een flexibele, lerende organisatie ontwikkelen.

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TenneT Holding B.V. was established to segregate our statutory tasks from our non-regulated activities. It is wholly owned by the Dutch Ministry of Finance.

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We are passionate about our business and aim to deliver the maximum benefit for society in the most financially viable way for our broad range of stakeholders. 

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