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The energy sector is developing rapidly. The process of European market integration began some years ago. Its purpose is to create a single European market that enables market parties to trade gas and electricity across national borders easily and efficiently.

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Transparency data

We provide transparency data on our operations on our Dutch and German transparency page and on ENTSO-E. 

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Our vision is to be one of the most transparent Transmission System Operators (TSO) in Europe and thereby creating value for society. In this Energy Insights section we present selected energy related topics and show data, information and valuable insights. 



Facts & figures related to TenneT facilitating the market can be found here.

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TenneT delivering on projects enabling the energy transition with record green financing in first half of 2021

29/07/21 19:47:55 News

TenneT invested EUR 1,615 million in the Dutch and German high-voltage grids in the first half of 2021, a 14.7% increase compared to the first half of 2020 (EUR 1,408 million). Underlying operating…

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Offshore share of total wind energy yield increases despite low wind in first half of 2021

26/07/21 10:00:00 News

North Sea wind is becoming increasingly important for the success of the energy transition / TenneT is building 16 more offshore grid connections by 2030, increasing transmission capacity to around…

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Right of way for green electricity: TenneT investigates bidirectional charging management for e-cars

13/07/21 11:47:27 News Innovation

TenneT continues successful pilot projects on the use of electromobility for the security of electricity supply as a partner in the joint research project "Bidirectional charging management - BDL" /…

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8 leading European transmission system operators launch a common initiative to support the energy system to reach carbon neutrality

12/07/21 11:00:00 News

They have published a joint paper that highlights the key enabling role TSOs are playing in the establishment of a climate-neutral society by 2050 Reducing their carbon footprint and developing…

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Beta jacket for offshore power socket Hollandse Kust (zuid) installed

28/06/21 09:00:00 News Project

The second jacket of TenneT's offshore transformer platform for the wind farm Hollandse Kust (zuid) has arrived at its final destination and has been installed, some 22 kilometres off the coast of…

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SuedOstLink: Orders placed for converters near Landshut and Magdeburg

31/05/21 12:00:00 News Project German

50Hertz and TenneT’s direct current project reaches important milestone / Siemens receives order for converter stations 50Hertz and TenneT’s direct current project reaches important milestone Siemens…

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